Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions (or FAQs):
  1. What makes Lee Hawkins Living Photography different from other photographers?
    • We do more than just take pictures.  Lots of photographers have sprung up over the past few years with the advent of digital photography–a good number of these just want to take pictures and leave everything afterward to the client.  Whenever we can, we like to do much more than just take pictures! We also provide a full range of printed products, and we offer help in planning weddings and events so that they go off without a hitch.
    • We want all our pictures to tell stories.  It's not a magic formula or anything, but we thoughtfully approach our subjects with an aim to capture images which by themselves or with other images will be fine-tuned to tell YOUR story.  We strive to use the right lighting, composition, and editing to really make the story jump out in the finished product.  Please forgive us if we get a little excited while we're working with you!  It usually means we captured something dramatic that will make the story special.
    • Full-service photography from shoot to print.  Often times, our work begins even before we take a single photograph.  First, we want to get to know you and what you want well enough to create images you will love.  Once we've captured these images with our camera, a lot more work begins.  Many images require fine-tuning in our digital darkroom so that they'll look great by the time they are delivered.  Also, for weddings and events we often put together a book or an album with all the pictures to tell the story.
  2. What types of photography do you do?
    • We will photograph almost anything, but our favorites are weddings, shows (concerts, plays, etc.), portraits, cityscapes, and landscapes.  We also create virtual tours and shoot business photography for Google Maps under another brand name, Indoor360.
  3. Why should I buy prints, photo books, or photo albums from you instead of doing it myself?
    • Prints:  We take great pains to make sure your images look wonderful in every detail when we shoot and edit them–and certainly we want them to look wonderful in every detail in print as well.  However, not all photo labs are created equal, and often times consumer labs do not use the best quality paper or processes, resulting in photographs without sharp details, good contrast, and true colors.  We use only select pro labs who are as meticulous with your photos as we are, resulting in consistent discernibly higher-quality results.  These pro labs also guarantee their prints–which means we also can guarantee them!
    • Photo books & albums:  These items are keepsakes for generations which take a lot of time and work to create.  Oftentimes the amount of time, work, and skill required to complete such a project are more than most people expect–and when 'life' happens, such a project falls through the cracks or doesn't receive the quality effort you intended.  On the other hand, we tell stories for a living, and we take great pride in making these stories as special and individualized as each of you our clients are!
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